The fellowship of the Smaebes

So, I’ve decided that one of the most annoying noises in human existance is the sound of little fists pounding on glass doors and screaming, all while making direct eye contact. My favorite is when they continue to do so as I walk towards the doors to let them in, only to see their group leaders trailing behind them. But will they give in? No. They are determined little rascals, I’ll give them that much.

In other news there is much news to be shared about the other happenings in Smithy-trabes:

1. Smith key 346b needs to be reprogrammed. It flashes red but doesn’t beep.It’s in the keybox.

2. The coach staying in room 501 says that the AC is not working, I didn’t get a chance to check it to be sure that it wasn’t just an issue understanding how to turn it on. Perhaps the morning shift could check to with him to be sure that it’s actually broken.

3. There were 2 no shows for Soccer, Alexander Hadick and Casey Zimmerman. Neither of them checked in during the night so we’re all set for that.

-also, some of the soccer players didn’t have linens (miscommunication between the campers and the camp planners). So, at the head coaches request, I gave those without linens (11 total) linens and charged them to the group.

4. Mike Schaur also came by, I switched the no-show Danny Bassett to a new participant, Peyton Block. He was checked in today and is smith 209.

5. The coach on the 5th floor is asking for a vacuum cleaner for his floor, so if any of you see Chip tomorrow morning let him know!

6.Uh oh! Little 338D traded their key card for the hockey table equipment, then left their key and equipment to run off and poke a squirrel with a branch or whatever it is middle school boys do for sport. So not only did tons of other little boys get to play air hockey without having to surrender their key cards, but little 338D will probably be sleeping in the lounge tonight. And that, kids, is why you always leave a note.Note: He did, in fact, pick up the key @ 10 of 10pm. But keep an eye on that little one….

6. Soccer started checked out at 9:00 PM (Holy not-wanting-to-pay-for-another-night batman!), so I did not do room checks. Help a girl out, Keri and Brian? It’s most of T7

7. Also! The most adorable 6 year old that’s ever visited traber dorm (Coach Schauer’s son) is staying with him tonight and sleeping in a sleeping bag, so I’ve entered him into CP as a NPK. If you see an extra small lad scampering around tomorrow looking extra cute tomorrow, there’s a 99% it’s him. Another note, if for some reason CP show’s him as being charged for the one night he’s staying here (I wasn’t sure how to check that for some reason) you should call Daniel or Susannah.

-Another interesting fact (particularly interesting to Brian) is that Coach and I have become BFF’s. But seriously. we’ll discuss later.

8. Cash box 86 cents short!

9. Room 403, bulb in the cieling has burned out. Just submitted a work order.

10. Also, and very importantly, I’m beginning to think that the master key cards, like the ring of power forged in the fires of Mt. Doom, calls to the carrier telling he/she to keep the key for themselves. So two keys are currently missing from the Smaeber safe. If you should find yourself stroking a key card late into the night whispering “my precious”, please bring it back and put it into the safe. That’s the only way to break it’s power over you.

Keep it secret. Keep it safe.



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